5 Places To Visit In Round Rock, TX

5 Places To Visit In Round Rock, TX

As a popular suburb of northern Austin, Round Rock is a nice place for people to live in. With many great home builders that give numerous choices of homes and neighborhoods, you will feel glad that you made that choice to move here. As an up-and-coming city as well as the major economic region in Williamson County, this place has much to offer whether it is its education system or just simply its beautiful landscapes and landmarks.

Round Rock is also known as Texas’s High-Tech Hotbed since it holds more than 1800 high-tech firms which provide jobs not only for residents but for other people who come from different places around the world. One of these companies is IBM which has its largest manufacturing center located in this city and another one is Freescale Semiconductor which has one of its facilities in this city. These companies are just some of the many other establishments that you can find here. All these factors make Round Rock a great place to live in.

After reading all these things about Round Rock, don’t you just want to know where else you can go to enjoy the charm and beauty of this city? You should not worry because, after this article, you will definitely get your answers! So without further ado, let us start with our list so we can take an excursion off work for once!

5 places to visit in Round Rock, TX

1. The Brushy Creek Lake Regional Park

This beautiful park has boating areas, fishing spots, camping grounds, picnic areas, trails for hiking and biking, bike rentals, and restroom facilities. Of course, you will not only pay attention to its main attractions but also to the view of the lake itself as well as its surroundings. You can definitely go fishing or boating on a nice calm day.

2. Round Rock Premium Outlets

If you are someone who is very much into shopping then this place is definitely for you! This outlet has 144 high-end stores which offer discounts on their items as well as gourmet eateries that provide food made from some of the best ingredients in the world. With these great things combined, it is no wonder why people love going here especially on a hot sunny afternoon when nobody wants to step outside.

3. Old Settlers Park

If you are into hiking, then this is the right place for you! This park has 10 miles of trails which will definitely take all your energy especially if you decide to go to all its areas. But at least, it will be a fun way to get some exercise and experience the great outdoors because being surrounded by trees is truly refreshing to our eyes as well as our senses.

4. Stony Point Fashion Park

This beautiful mall is perfect for those who love shopping, especially at upscale stores! One unique thing about this mall compared to others are its unique home furnishing shops that have chic designs perfect not only for homeowners but also for renters since these things can easily fit into any house or apartment without having to worry about making the color of your walls pop out.

5. Brushy Creek Lake Park

This is one of the most visited parks in all of Round Rock, Texas because it has several bike trails that accommodate more or less two hundred bikes at a time! While biking, you will definitely be surrounded by beautiful trees and scenery which makes this place perfect for people who are looking for some peaceful moments away from their busy lives. Not only does it provide a relaxing view but also a great way to exercise our bodies especially if we did not have the luxury of going to a gym on a daily basis! So these are just some of the places you can go to if you want an adventure off work without having to leave where you live! So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your break and we hope we helped you with these suggestions!

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