Plumbing Emergencies in Round Rock, TX 78681

Plumbing Emergencies in Round Rock, TX 78681

Common Plumbing Emergencies

By far, the most common plumbing emergencies that we deal with are faucet leaks. These types of leaks present a number of issues for homeowners.

The problem with a drip is it can quickly turn into a big drip – and then a steady stream – which will lead to higher water costs and possibly greater damage, if steps aren’t taken to fix the problem soon.

When you suspect there’s an issue, don’t put off calling us. Our experts know how to pinpoint the cause of your leak or other plumbing problems as quickly as possible.

Faucets themselves consist of moving parts that wear out over time, sometimes becoming loose from corrosion or age. Leaks may also be present because of damaged faucet gaskets, washers, or O-rings.

For us at The Round Rock Plumber, there are a few things that are more important than keeping our customers satisfied. We’re fully committed to providing you with the best products and services in the industry. If you’re having any type of plumbing problem whatsoever, don’t wait to give us a call!

You can trust our services to help you out because we’re always available in an emergency to help all residents of Round Rock. We do our best to provide the customers with the best service possible, and it is because of this that many people already depend on us when they need plumbing done in their homes. Providing you with great service is what drives us every day, so please visit our website today for more information about what options are available when you need a plumber.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Emergencies

Kitchen sink plumbing emergencies mean big problems and big repair bills for homeowners, sometimes requiring expensive professional help. Minutes spent learning how to handle common kitchen sink troubles could save time and money.

Read on for helpful advice about the most common kitchen sink plumbing emergencies and how our plumbing company in Round Rock solves them:

— Water won’t drain. First, identify whether you have a clogged garbage disposal or blocked drains leading off the main drainpipe towards the sewer line (you will need to remove the trap). If it’s neither of these, turn off your main water supply valve and check all faucets for leaks under running water. Tighten fittings if necessary; replace worn washers before re-starting your system and be sure that screen traps are clear.

Inspect trap for debris, remove if necessary. Cast iron traps have a clean-out plug at the lowest point in the curve of the “U”; plastic traps have a threaded cap, just as your sink drain does.

— Water is gushing from the faucets. Open sink cabinet doors under both kitchen and bathroom sinks and be sure that all screens are clear before starting any repairs. Locate an air-admittance valve on the upper side of house drain lines where they leave exterior walls; turn this valve to release pressure inside pipes after shut-off valves are turned off. If you can see water seeping from damaged or loose pipes, turn off the main supply again and call a licensed plumber right away to fix the problem before the next heavy rain fills your house with water.

— No water comes out of the faucets. Turn off the main supply at the exterior shut-off valve and check for broken supply lines leading into the house, worn washers in outdoor faucets, frozen pipes, or internal plumbing leaks under sinks before calling a plumber. If you suspect an internal leak, look around to see if discoloration has spread beyond the trap area; this would indicate that the waste line is leaking too. Turn off individual fixture shut-offs one by one to pinpoint the problem. Be sure all screens are clear first!

— Faucet won’t turn off completely. Clean aerators first (plastic brush attachment available at most hardware stores), then try turning adjustment screws counter-clockwise until water flow lessens. If this doesn’t work, replace the faucet washer or cartridge as needed.

— There’s a leak under the sink base cabinet. Check for a bad shut-off valve behind the wall and replace it if necessary before tearing out drywall to find a leak; use only high-quality replacement parts. Water lines running into the house may need replacement too; turn off the main supply and drain system before starting any repairs!

Plumbing Emergency with Garbage Disposal on 703 Buffalo Pass, Round Rock, TX 78681

We received a call from the homeowners of the house located at 703 Buffalo Pass, Round Rock, TX 78681 who always find us by typing plumber near me. We want to tell you about their experience with our plumbing emergency company.  The following account may be helpful to anyone who is using a garbage disposal and has the following symptoms: water draining very slowly or not at all from the sink; clogged drain due to food disposal stopping up the drain line; or (in my case) water backing up into the dishwasher after running it. This is what they have to say…

We store our dishwasher in a cabinet built in under one of our kitchen counters. Almost everything we do uses that counter space: we cook, clean, and eat there; we use that surface to layout utensils and utensil baskets when washing dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher; but mostly, we’re just working on that counter.

I guess that’s the reason why we never thought to look under that counter for trouble when our garbage disposal stopped working. We continued to run the dishwasher normally for many days, until one day when I walked into my kitchen and smelled something bad. The smell was coming from where I keep my dishwasher, so of course, I checked the dishwasher first before looking elsewhere. Everything seemed fine with it: it had finished a load of dishes without any mishap, and nobody had been sick in the house lately either.

I even saw on its little control panel that there were no error messages displayed from any of the sensors or other internal components.  That meant if this was a mechanical problem somehow related to how it runs, it most likely was not the result of anything I did wrong.

So I opened up the cabinet, looked under the sink, and saw that my garbage disposal had stopped working. That’s when I realized that there must be something very wrong with the plumbing since the water wasn’t draining away from the sink either. And sure enough, before long all this water filled up underneath – overflowed even – until it reached a point where it began to flow over into our dining area which is right next to the kitchen.

It came as quite a shock to see all this dirty water on the ground/carpet, but thank goodness for small miracles, we found out about The Round Rock Plumber company close to us and they came to help us and fixed everything.