Garbage disposal problems


Common garbage disposal problems in the city of Round Rock, TX

The Round Rock Plumber will fix your garbage disposal problems

What kind of problems are you experiencing with your garbage disposal? Is it a residential or a commercial garbage disposal?

In fact, it doesn't matter because we are experts are fixing and replacing both? our main goal is to provide our customers the best plumbing experience possible.

What we do is set up an appointment in person to assess the situation. Sometimes the garbage disposal can be repair and some other time it needs to be completely replace. The only way to find out which case we are dealing with is check the unit in person.

When you make an appointment with us, we'll reach out to you 30 minutes before to confirm you are home and available. We alway carry our tools with us so there is a high possibility that we can fix the problem right on the spot. Of course this will depend on what exactly the problem is but most of the time we can do it the same day.

If you are wondering what are the most common problems with garbage disposals we can tell you is the smell they expel and when they get clogs. That usually means that engine is not working properly or it could be an electric switch not working at all.

They get clogged for multiple reasons but one we see very often is due to grease from food that over time gets build up and stop the blades from doing its job. This grease built-up can also block the pipes leaving no room for water to flow. When this happens the unit might work for a few seconds and then it stops again. This can be repeated several times and if continues it can damage the engine for good.

This in turns produce an awful odor that can spread around the kitchen space and sometimes into the leaving room. That's why we recommend talking to a professional to come and take a look at. We have tools to unclog the pipes and remove the grease or any other food that might be stock in the system.

Give us a call today to bring you a solution fast.

Garbage disposal problems and solutions

Obstruction and blades are the most common problems when it comes to residential garbage disposal as well as commercial ones. These two problems if not address quickly and the right way can become a more serious problem such as damaging the engine.

There are certain foods and residues that affect the blades. Bacon, and greasy meats are among those that can get stuck on the blades. Replacing the engine is the most expensive problem but if it is just the blades the problem these can be easily replace and installed.

Another problem is that chunk of foods, or juices and other fluids can get in the wires and cause a circuit malfunction. In this case we need to make sure that the wires get replace to avoid a more difficult problem like an electrical hazard.

In any of these situations you will need the help of our local plumbing company. Please visit our website to read more about the services we offer to our community in Round Rock, TX and all the greater Austin area. If you are experiencing any of these problems and are not sure what it is, it's time to call us. We are here to help you.


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What does it mean when your garbage disposal is leaking?

Well first of all we need to be honest. Any water leak whether is from the garbage disposal, or a toilet or even a water heater it's a sign of a plumbing problem. And nobody likes to hear those news. So, what does it mean when a garbage disposal starts leaking?

It could mean that there is no enough water supply going through the dishwasher blades. The food particles over time will ruin the blades and cause a more difficult problem with your plumbing system.

It could also mean that by accident someone dropped a sharp object in the sink and when you turned the garbage disposal this destroyed the blades or the rubber ring. This will cause a water leak that in turn will increase your water bill and will affect the functionality of the system. To learn more about these kinds of problems and solutions visit our plumbing blog page and you will have a better understanding of these situations.

Now if you are experiencing the same situation with your dishwasher it could mean that both have been affected by the sharp object that went down the drain or just means that the whole unit is old and need to be replaced. In either case we recommend giving us a call as soon as possible so we can take a look and see if it's better to repair it or to replace it. Please don't try to do it yourself as you could damage the unit even worse and this will cause you more expensive costs.