Water Heater Emergencies in Round Rock, TX 78681

Water Heater Emergencies in Round Rock, TX 78681

You probably know what a water heater does. If you’re not sure, it heats your home’s water supply.

Water heaters fail for several reasons:

·          They’re old and need replacing.

·          You turn on an appliance that puts too much strain on the unit like the dishwasher or washing machine at the same time you turn on the hot water in another part of your house. This can happen when kids do their homework together before going out to play, for example.

·          A power outage takes place and lasts long enough to stop the flow of electricity to the water heater. When this happens, be sure to call your insurance agent when you file your claim so they don’t think it’s a plumbing problem.

·          The thermostat fails or the water inlet valve malfunctions. When this happens, you’ll have no hot water until the unit is repaired or replaced.

·          In older homes, there’s a failure of the dip tubes that carry hot water to your faucets and showers. Coldwater fills the tank instead of hot water because of sediment buildup on the bottom of the tank that restricts circulation.

In almost all cases, you should be able to fend for yourself with the most common-sense safety measures and tools like A plunger (or Plumber’s Helper) and adjustable pipe wrench; A length of ½ inch rope; A small hacksaw blade, and a pair of pliers.

If the water heater is leaking, shut off both supply lines that feed it. If there’s enough hot water in the tank to provide pressure for cold-water flow, do not turn on an appliance that empties the tank further before calling a professional to check for major damage. In any event, having your insurance agent’s phone number available will make filing an effective claim easy if it comes down to it after getting out of a potentially dangerous plumbing situation on your own.

Plumbing problems at Texas Brite Christmas Lights LLC of Round Rock

A family in Round Rock learned the hard way that it’s best to listen when your home warranty company tells you to take care of a water leak. They look on Googe for the phrase plumber near me and that’s how they found us.

“We were pretty surprised by what we found,” said Wayne Robert about his family’s recent home purchase. It seemed like a great deal: $335,000 for five bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths. So they bought it without ever having gone inside the house. “Things happen so fast when you’re buying a new house,” he said. But after moving in last October, the Roberts quickly found out what was waiting for them under the surface: “plumbing problems throughout.

The Roberts were not the only ones buying this house. It was being sold by Texas Brite Christmas Lights LLC, a company located at 2202 Wagon Gap Dr #103, Round Rock, TX 78681 with an ” A+ ” Better Business Bureau rating repeatedly called upon to deal with its customers’ water problems. For over a year, the Roberts have worked with the warranty company and found themselves in court facing Texas Brite’s lawyers on more than one occasion. The family has also made several trips to City Hall after their city permits were rejected because of faulty plumbing documentation. Now they are stuck making monthly payments on a house that is not even livable while it sits vacant awaiting repairs they cannot afford any longer.

Toilet Emergency at 1021 Christopher Ave, Round Rock, TX 78681

Read what one of our dear customers has to say about the emergency plumbing services we offer to Round Rock residents:

Today, I went to use the bathroom in my house and it would not flush. This is kind of a weird problem, but what happens is that after you flush the toilet and walk away from it, a little while later water starts rising out of the bottom of the bowl again.

I have tried flushing it with nothing but water or some paper towels in there. The water level will go down for maybe 30 seconds before going back up. Even when I pour bucketfuls of water into the bowl, if I walk away from them they’ll overflow again after a few minutes. Sometimes this takes 10-15 minutes to happen so it’s not always right when you leave the room, sometimes hours pass before it begins happening again. It’s really annoying especially when I have company over.

My house is only 4 years old so this shouldn’t be happening. What could the cause of this problem be?

The problem just started occurring recently, but it’s been gradually getting worse. It usually takes about 2-3 days before the water starts rising again after flushing. Sometimes just 30 minutes pass before it happens again too. Whenever you flush the toilet, no matter what you put inside or how much water you use to flush with, the water level will go down for maybe 1 minute before going back up by itself until it overflows and begins leaking through somewhere in my house every time I leave the room for a few minutes. This has been for months now and I don’t know what the problem is because my house is only 4 years old. I don’t think it should be having this kind of problem already.

I live by myself so it’s not like other people are using too much water to cause the plumbing to back up or something, especially since nobody uses this bathroom at all, this problem has occurred even when I was living alone in the house. This doesn’t make sense. But fortunately, I googled a plumber near my area and found “The Round Rock Plumber”. They did an excellent job repairing all my problems. This is a good company.